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Free WordPress Plug-ins

Here is a list of all of the FREE plugins I’m using on the blog to make my life easier. Enjoy.

All In One SEO Pack

As the name implies, this plugin is like the swiss army knife of on-page SEO.

Comment Luv

This cool plugin allows people that comment on your blog to get a link to their latest blog post. It’s useful for increasing user engagement and increase regular readers as well as being able to gain yourself some links from their blogs.

Exclude Pages

This very awesome plug-in allows you to decide which pages to include in your navigation bar without having to change code in your theme. By default all the pages you create are added to the navigation bar. NOTE – I’m not using this one anymore because it doesn’t work with my latest theme.

Google XML Sitemap

This one automatically creates a sitemap for your site and let’s Google know every time it changes.


This plugin automatically creates a robots.txt file your your WordPress site. You may need to copy it and upload it to your server manually but, it’s still a handy tool.

Twitter Facebook Social Share

This very nice plugin adds social share buttons like twitter, facebook like, google +1 (plus one), LinkedIn, stumbleupon and Pinterest in three different position and styles. The positions include top, bottom, top AND bottom,OR floating on the left of the post. You can also decide which buttons to display.

TinyMCE Advanced

Enables the advanced features of TinyMCE, the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

Captcha Math

I’m really happy with this one. Before anyone can leave a comment on the site, they have to answer a simple math problem. You can choose from addition, subtraction or multiplication. I opted out of multiplication because, I know everyone doesn’t remember their tables and, the idea is to stop spam bots, not inconvenience legit users. I haven’t gotten a spam comment since I turned it on :) .

Special Recent Posts

This plugin lets you display thumbnails next to your links in your recent posts widget as well as offering a bunch of other customizations. The main reason I got it was because the default recent posts widget for this theme was displaying all the links too close together and I didn’t want to have to rewrite anymore of this theme. As you can see, it works great.

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