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Guest Post Guidelines

These are mostly just guidelines and you can write whatever you want. If your post is good and relevant, there’s a good chance that I’ll want to use it.

Hearing Back From Me
If you don’t hear back from me within 2 weeks, your pitch has been rejected. Forgive me if that seems rude but I’m busy and don’t have time to deal with people who don’t get it. There’s always the off chance I’m unable to check my email. In any case, 2 weeks = rejection.

When submitting a guest post, you agree that – starting from the time of publication, I own the content exclusively and that it hasn’t been or will be published elsewhere. Don’t think I won’t check. In case it wasn’t clear enough, I don’t own it until I publish it.

Your Byline
If the site you link to in your byline isn’t useful, your pitch will be rejected. If you’re not a regular contributor to the site in your byline, your pitch will be rejected.

Your post should be free of grammar and spelling errors. If you use H tags I’ll change them so the size looks good on the site. I’ll also correct any errors that you miss. If your post is full of errors, it’s probably gonna leave a bad smell in my nose and make me not want to use it.

Topics and Visuals
I like content about industry news and other businesses. What makes businesses that you know about successful? What are some of the mistakes you’ve seen a business make? I also would like to hear about your business. I like well-researched articles with outbound links and blockquotes.

Graphics are great but are not required. If you include no images, I’ll add a “decoration image” for you. Images make the site look better and Google has favored images and video since Panda rolled out. I’ll make a note at the bottom of the post saying that I added the image. Your image must come with a creative commons license and the attribution links must be included at the bottom of the post. Your post must be in some way related to making money online.

No excessive linking, irrelevant linking, or affiliate links.
Don’t excessively link to your own content and don’t include links that aren’t relevant to the content. If you write a post about what makes Instigram(or whatever) awesome, then there probably shouldn’t be a link to a cupcake website.

Link To Sources
When you quote somebody, you should link to the page that you’re quoting. It’s the cool thing to do.

News and Opinion
If your post is about a news story, I really want there to be some opinion in there. Also, the news story should be about an online business or start-up.

Where to send it
If you would like to submit a guest post, just send it to contact@netproearnings.com and write “guest post” in the subject line. If the subject line is empty, I’ll just delete it. It won’t get read.

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